Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training with Sumukhi

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There is no joy greater than knowing who we all really are.  Love and light itself. Learning Yoga atIMG_5682 Ashrams steeped in the practices of yoga is incomparable to any experience in the world of yoga.  The Guru’s grace helps you, the practitioner, gain levels of understanding that are not merely intellectual nor simply of the body.  At Brahmananda and Ananda Ashrams in San Francisco and New York, all yoga practitioners are immersed in the science and practice of meditation.  Ultimately, Patanjali, who defined the philosophy of Yoga thousands of years ago, explained it as a science for mastering the mind.

Yoga Illumined will continue to work with our parent schools, founded by our Sat-Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramamurti S. Mishra M.D., to bring the deepest and most transformative practices of Yoga out to the world.  Join Sumukhi in San Francisco for a unique 10 day immersion into Ashram Yoga life, earn 100 Hours of Teacher Training and lifetimes of transformation into true love, service, dedication and practice.  Click here to learn more: