October: Yoga Illumined’s New Yoga Teachers

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Whether you are a beginner or many lifetimes practitioner of Yoga, you will find classes at Yoga Illumined Studio that suit you. Each of our Yoga teachers honors your level of practice and where you are right now, every time you come into the room. At Yoga Illumined, we offer you guidance, but we encourage you to make the Yoga practice your own. Our students are as important as the teachers who lead each Yoga class.  No matter where you are on your journey, we welcome you to meet us on the mat and deepen your practice.  Join us, with an open mind and an open heart, as we set the intention to find greater balance in our bodies and minds together.

It is Yoga Illumined’s goal to create a community atmosphere that promotes health and well-being, by teaching skills that you can take off your Yoga mat and into your life. We aspire to help strengthen your body, soften your heart, clarify your mind and liberate the spirit.

Leti Alvarez

  • Sunset Slowdown Restorative, Monday 7:30 pm
  • Shakti Vinyasa, Tuesday 6:00 pm

Leti first became interested in Yoga when her friends suggested it would help her focus and calm her high energy. “It took a few classes for me to understand what it meant to slow down, turn inward and feel the full benefits of Yoga.” She continues to loves yoga for all its transformative powers, physical and otherwise and delights in sharing those with her students. She emphatically knows Yoga will always be a part of her life and states, “Yoga is my medicine.”

Her classes will be challenging, yet safe using the biomechanics of alignment. Classes begin with a heart-centered theme and challenge one to go deeper, both on the matt and off.

Leti is a registered RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance receiving her certification in an intense immersion program from Integral Yoga Institute, a vibrant spiritual center founded by Sri Satchidananda that integrates all the branches of Yoga in order to help one find inner peace and joy, a philosophy she firmly believes. She is also Anusara Inspired certified in the Anusara Yoga™ method. Anusara Yoga unifies the Universal Principles of Alignment with a heart quality. Leti also teaches children’s yoga. She enjoys connecting with children through the gifts of love, laughter and the ancient practice of Yoga. Leti has been fortunate to study with many influential teachers all of whom have had an impact on her practice. She is also very connected to the community doing a lot of Seva work in order to give back to others.

When she is not teaching Yoga, you can find Leti enjoying hikes and biking on one of many parks and greenbelts in Austin, plunging into a great novel, writing, or connecting with family and friends.

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Vinyasa with Leti Tuesday nights 6pm. Come live, love, sweat, laugh.

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Leah Kathleen

  • Sunset Slowdown Restorative, Thursday 6:00 pm
  • Big Grrl Yoga, Sunday 10:30 am

Yoga found Leah Kathleen in very poor shape physically and mentally towards the end of April 2013. She was 40lbs overweight, 10 months barely sober, and in chronic pain.

“I couldn’t meet my own eyes in the mirror and certainly couldn’t touch my toes. Over these past few years Yoga has taught me to THRIVE, to have patience and compassion for myself, for my friends and loved ones, and not-so-loved ones, it has taught me to LOVE. Yoga is the answer for my spiritual malady, a soul salve if you will.”

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#Yoga is for every #body, every #mind, every #Heart and every #soul. be big, be bold, be beautiful, be you.10:30 am #Sundays with Leah #yogaillumined www.yogaillumined.com

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 Cara Hanson 

  • Ahimsa Hatha, Monday 8:45 pm

A truth seeker and student of life, Cara enjoys sharing the gift of Yoga. Trained in both Hatha and Kundalini, her classes blend Yogic styles to bring a deep, loving awareness to mind, body and spirit. Cara has witnessed the transformative power of Yoga to bring emotional balance, higher wisdom, groundedness, and a soft, heart centered strength.   Cara received certification to teach Yoga from Dharma Yoga here in Austin, TX. With a focus on moving with a steady, nurturing breath, as well as remaining connected to the heart and listening for the guidance of the teacher within, Cara leads the Amhisa Hatha classes every Mondays at 8:45 pm. All levels are welcome!

To register for Cara Hanson’s Yoga classes, click here

Anne Shackelford 
  • Chrysalis Flow, Wednesday 10:00 am

Anne Shackelford’s passion for wellness and fitness led her into Yoga practice, but soon after she realized how Yoga truly balances your life and body in ways you can’t fathom until you create space to let your mind, body and soul transition transform by grace. She recently completed a Yoga Illumined Teacher Training module and is excited to bring Chrysalis Yoga to the studio.   Anne has been making people beautiful since 1997. She also specializes in acrylic in canvas, colored pencil and ink drawings, leather crafting, costume design, jewelry making and bodypainting.   Art has been a passion of hers since childhood. “I love to create anything my mind sees, inspired by the beauty around me.”   “Don’t forget love; it will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe.”

Tomorrow morning! 10am Chrysalis Flow with Anne! $15 drop-ins for all! www.yogaillumined.com

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Anita Stoll

  • Sunset Slowdown Restorative, Wednesday 6:00 pm
  • Meditation and Mantra, Thursday 10:00 am

Anita began her studies in Yoga in 1999. In 2001, she became certified to teach Hatha Yoga in the Shambhava Yoga tradition. Since that time, she has become a Certified Shambhava Meditation Instructor and continues to practice and study meditation, Yoga philosophy and Hatha Yoga in the Shambhava tradition. She has also had the privilege of learning from senior teachers of the Ashtanga, Viniyoga, and Anusara traditions of Hatha Yoga. Anita is an experienced psychotherapist, student of Ayurveda, and mother. Her teaching style reflects her keen interest in how the ancient practices of yoga can help us to create emotional, mental, and physical balance, as well as spiritual transformation.

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#Mantra is a code of projection to decode the mystery of divinity. And when your mantra is perfect, connection is…

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Echo Widmer

  • Shakti Vinyasa, Tuesday 8:30 am

After finding Yoga as a cross training for her athletic feats ten years ago, Echo fell in love with her practice. Over many years of frequenting her local studio she began working closely with the teachers there, and later received her 200 hr Hatha certification in 2012. She has been developing her practice by continuously furthering her education in differing Yoga practices such as Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative. All the while, she has been traveling the world at same time. Teaching in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and on the road. Now settled back into home base she is sharing her practice with her fellow Texans. Her classes tend toward Vinyasa style flows that connect Prana (breath) with Asana (posture). Focusing on fluid like movement, led by breath….her Vinyasa style teaching tends to be a dance with Shakti and love. All that she asks of her students is that they come with open hearts, and open minds and let expectation fall aside.

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“And bliss is my attire…” #Shankaracharya Join Echo Widmer Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-9:30 am www.yogaillumined.com

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Ruta Perzynska

  • Ayurveda Yoga, Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 pm

Ruta Perzynska - Yoga Teacher at Yoga Illumined Studio South CongressRuta grew up right here in Austin and has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years. She also has a background in dance and performative movement. It is her goal to share Yoga and help her students bring grace of movement to meet presence of mind. She aims to guide students towards creating a sanctuary for themselves, connecting to their body source, and shining outward with their true self as their practice develops. She is focused on taking a holistic approach to the practice of Yoga, incorporating Ayurvedic and meditative techniques into her classes as well as her own practice.

To register for Ruta Perzynska’s Yoga classes, click here 

Logan Ware

  • Power Kundalini, Thursday 7:30 pm

Logan Ware - Yoga Teacher at Yoga Illumined Studio South CongressLogan Russell Ware has been practicing Yoga for 14 years and teaching it for 10. Having always been captivated by the power and strength of balance and flexibility; he studied dance and martial arts growing up, then found Yoga in college and was an instant devotee for life. His journey has taken him through multiple styles of Yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga and Bikram as well as Qigong and other meditative arts but Kundalini yoga is what he finds most effective in achieving what he sees as Yoga’s main objective-strengthening mind and body through their greater connection and integration. Power Kundalini will take traditional Kundalini Yoga and upgrade it to our fast paced modern world and incorporate other Yoga styles as well as Qigong in order to provide a holistic workout strengthening mind and body in new ways always. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.

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