Yoga Studio Work-Study & Karma Yoga

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Love and Service.  Yoga Illumined offers several Work-Study and Karma Yoga options.  Karma Yoga or Seva is an exchange of energy, it is an offering of one’s talents in exchange for studying and working in the disciplines and techniques of Yoga practice and meditation.  Seva is self-less service so that God and the cosmic Self can dominate every aspect of life.

You are encouraged to apply for Work-Study opportunities at Yoga Illumined Studio.   Our Karma Yoga program consists of a 1-6 month commitment with a minimum of 3 Hours per month and a maximum of 10 Hours per month.  Each hour grants the equivalent of a public yoga class on our class schedule (workshops and teacher trainings are not included).

  1. Duties can vary.  We match the studio’s needs with your talents and what you would like to hone.
  2. Cleaning the studio includes dusting, cleaning tea cups, washing wash-cloths, cleaning yoga blankets and sweeping the floors.
  3. Marketing help includes the creation of flyers, social media posting, distribution of flyers and marketing materials throughout the Austin area.
  4. Front desk includes helping Yoga Illumined teachers check students into the studio by collecting liability waiver signatures, gathering emails and helping students get settled into the space and practice.  We ask that you come 30 minutes before class and stay 30 minutes after to help clean and serve tea in order to fulfill front desk work-study and Karma Yoga.

To apply for work-study, please send an e-mail to Yoga Illumined at describing your yoga practice, your specific skills and what you would like to offer as Karma Yoga, the time commitment you are able to give (3-10 hours per month) and for how many months you are willing to commit.

Once we accept your application, we will contact you to coordinate a schedule of tasks and yoga classes you would like to take for the month.  We ask that you commit to the hours every month so we can schedule you into our roster prior to taking classes and so that we can coordinate your work at the studio around the classes you take each month.

May your Service reap the greatest rewards of Nirodha – Samadhi, true peace & enlightenment.

Om shantih om!