New Teacher Training Offerings!
Want to become a Yoga Illumined Certified Teacher?

Our trainings are highly regarded, are steeped in the classical traditions of Yoga and are guided by our lineage of Gurus. Yoga Illumined Teacher Trainings give you a strong foundation for life-long practice and service as a Yoga teacher.  We understand and teach Yoga as a science and a spiritual discipline handed down traditionally between Teacher and Student throughout the centuries.  

Yoga Illumined teaches Yoga as a Lifestyle, not just something one practices for a few hours a day, but in every moment. Yoga Illumined’s mission is to illuminate your daily life with the transformative practices of Yoga. Our programs include immersions, lifestyle training programs, workshops, retreats and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses.  

We now offer several ways for you to complete your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

    • Live the life of a Yogi in the world.  Start with a 200 Hour teaching certificate to immerse your self in these timeless practices and share the joy with others.

2018 Yoga Illumined Teacher Trainings below: