Yoga Illumined Studio Now Open

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 in Yoga Illumined Studio | No Comments

We’ve had an amazing first two weeks of being open!  We love our Yoga Illumined Community!  Share the transformative lifestyle of yoga with us at 3801 South Congress Avenue, Suite 111, Austin, Texas 78704.  We have such a great variety of Yoga classes to choose from. Our classes are catered to the three energetic states we all fluctuate between throughout the day – Tamas (slow, heavy), Rajas (fast, energetic) and Sattva (relaxed, meditative awareness). Yoga is the Union of all of these forces so that you can achieve balance.  Our Inspired Hatha classes are alignment-focused and require longer holds of asana (postures).  The Yoga Illumined Shakti Vinyasa classes bring you into a flowing, cardio-vascular work-out for body, mind and soul.  And we have Yoga Illumined Meditation, Mantra, Restorative and Agni Hotra classes to bring the nervous system into complete rest and balance.  Come on by and try out a class!