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The third 3 weekend Segment:

March 22 and 23 (8:00-4:30, Saturday/ 8:00-5:00 Sunday)
Kriya Yoga – Understand the “nature, methods and means of transformation of individual ‘I-AM’ into the universal ‘I-AM.’” – Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, translation of Chapter 2 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Yoga IlluminedApril 5 and 6 (8:00-4:30, Saturday/ 8:00-5:00 Sunday)
Siddha Yoga – Explore the supernatural powers of Yoga, Chapter 3 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

May 17 and 18 (8:00-4:30, Saturday/ 8:00-5:00 Sunday)
Kaivalyam – “Self-analysis, Self-knowledge, Enlightenment and the Path of ‘I-AM, ’” Chapter 4 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
The Yoga of Voice – Hone your speaking, singing and silent Voice of the Witness.

Payment must be received in total by March 17 to ensure your enrollment for the March-May 2014 segment.  Payment is non-refundable.

Those who are enrolled in the entire program, complete all nine weekends with 22.5 extra contact hours in between each weekend session will earn a Yoga Teaching Certificate of Completion at the 200-Hour Level.

Additional contact hours will be as follows:
Attend 10 public classes with Zoe and 10 public classes with Sumukhi
2.5 Hour Midterm – co-teaching opportunity with your co-teacher trainees attended by Sumukhi and Zoe.


Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Yoga at Gallery Black Lagoon

Yoga Illumined is a registered 200-Hour Teacher Training Program with Yoga Alliance. 100% Attendance is required with no make-up dates. For more information on the Program, visit

Home Study GuideBooks are not included in the course fees and can be purchased directly from Zoe Mantarakis. Required texts (also not included in course fees): The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali translated by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.), Fundamentals of Yoga by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar. Texts can be purchased on or at Ananda Ashram’s online store –

Texts not required but recommended include:

The Textbook of Yoga Psychology by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

For questions, email or call 917-446-0936 / 512-699-5878.