Zoe Mantarakis

About Zoe Mantarakis Wenger

Voted One of Austin’s Best Yoga Teachers for 2 Straight Years 2013-2014.

Zoe Mantarakis is known for her uniquely sequenced and challenging vinyasa Yoga classes.  She infuses her teachings with tantric philosophy, harmonium music, and mantra. Zoe creates innovative collaborative events blending yoga with live music in community-centered party atmospheres, sometimes drawing crowds of hundreds to clap hands, sing, and practice yoga together.  Having over a decade of yoga teaching experience, she is able to share a depth of knowledge with the seasoned yoga practitioner as well as those just beginning their paths. Zoe holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley and is the loving mother of two beautiful boys.  She leads national and international yoga retreats and is the co-founder of Yoga Illumined Studio and Teacher Training in Austin, TX.  To learn more about Yoga Illumined, please visit the Yoga Illumined web page.

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Photography by Masifoto

Zoe Mantarakis is a gem in Austin’s yoga community.  Her decade-plus teaching experience lends her an ease and accessibility that make her classes welcoming to all levels.  Zoe leads international yoga retreats, is an esteemed presenter at national conferences, and is the co-creator of Yoga Illumined 200hr Teacher Training Program.  Her teachings skillfully blend the precise art of yoga alignment with philosophy and relaxation techniques that guide all level of student toward self-knowledge, peace and a blissful abidance in the present moment.