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Shelli Lopes-Barnes

Shelli began her journey into bodywork at the Clare Maxwell Hudson School of Massage in London in 1993. She had previously studied holistic health and anatomy and physiology as a part of bachelors degree at San Francisco State University. One of her earliest and most profound experiences in massage was volunteering at the London Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital. The sharing and transfer of energy in those exchanges greatly influenced her and guided her quest for a practice that is built on a philosophy of balancing, nourishing and restoring.

She continues her journey studying many different massage modalities and Yoga, a practice for self – harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.

Shelli is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. As a life student of Yoga. My offerings have been inspired by my diverse and wonderful teachers including Kristina Lanuza (Sumukhi), Zoe Mantarakis and Bekir Algan as well as the Yoga Sutras.

Shelli Lopes-barnes, Yoga Teacher Training 2011

Shelli Lopes-Barnes, Yoga Teacher Training 2011

You can learn more about Shelli and book bodywork by visiting her web site: