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Heather Oswalt

Heather is a native Austinite, devoted Yogi, massage therapist and advocate for compassion. She offers Hatha Yoga with a focus on anatomy and breath to truly listen to what the body needs and is communicating. Her understanding of how the breath creates change, relief and peace within the cellular tissue of the body was honed through years of meditation, yoga, dance and massage. Heather graduated in 2013 from the 200 hour Yoga Illumined Training Program, is a registered Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and a 2009 alumnus of the Lauterstein Conway Massage School clinical program. She has studied structural bodywork, sports massage, myofascial release, Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue massage, reiki and specializes in Thai massage and shiatsu, incorporating deep myofascial release through stretching. Heather’s offerings are designed to palpate the very pulse of creative expression and expansion through mindful movement.

Yoga Teacher

She loves to connect and communicate with people in a healing way, honoring the light and love in others. Knowing our bodies are divinely designed, Heather enthusiastically shares time-honored practices for tuning in, staying on “the vertical” and shining our highest light. She is dedicated to teaching and sharing Yoga’s infinite uplifting benefits, on and off the mat, to all levels and all bodies.

  • Location: Austin