(Dec 30) Soul Flow Yoga with Camille Nicole and Caitlyn Celeste

Soul Flow Yoga with Camille Nicole and Beats by Caitlyn Celeste

DEC 30th, 2015, Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Yoga Illumined Studio

  • 3801 S Congress Ave, # 111, Austin, Texas 78704
  • Call for more information: +1 866-447-6943
  • Or, send us an email @ yogaillumined@gmail.com

Soul music for decades has often expressed a deep yearning for a connection to a higher power and more subtle energies. In yoga we consider the soul to be the immortal essence of a living being: the breath that animates the living organism. So for this special yoga and live music event we will explore the soul and its connection to expression through breath, movement (asana) and sound. Caitlyn Celeste will play a live DJ set that will entice your ears with the heartfelt, funky, soulful beats, and will make your soul want to sing while Camille Nicole will lead us in an hour-long groovy, breath-based, conscious yoga flow to get our energies flowing. 

(Dec 30) Soul #VinyasaFlow #Yoga with Camille Nicole and Beats by Caitlyn Celeste @ #YogaIllumined #SouthCongress #Austin www.yogaillumined.com

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